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Chanteuse and composer, Su Teears has been at the center of an every-age cerebral storm interpreting and composing, with cool emotionalism since her early teens.


Su is a musician's musician; adapting to every style placed before her. Su has composed, recorded, and performed for several years with The Su Teears Jazz Band, Su Teears & the New Standards, The Last Minute Jam Band, Clutch Cargo, Johnny’s Dance Band, Patchwork,  AM Radio, and many, many more. The result is a stunningly wide array of enveloping styles and eclectic moods.


Influenced by such greats as Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone,

Anita O’Day, Lambert Hendrix & Ross, Janis Joplin,

Nanette Mancini, Linda Ronstadt, Stevie Nicks, Bjork, Adele, and many more, Su offers a broad range of vocal abilities.

And now, Su carries us through the powerful contralto vocals of Amy Winehouse.


Selecting the very best of Amy’s recordings, including her classic Back To Black repertoire, this live celebration of the life of the late Amy Winehouse is complete with a

horn section, choreographed background vocalists, and Amy's own individual flair.


Along with her classic Back To Black repertoire, including "Rehab", "Me & Mr Jones" and "You Know I'm No Good", you'll enjoy many classic tunes from celebrated jazz, pop, rock, and soul artists she covered over the years such as

"It's my Party", "Cupid", "Our Day Will Come" and

"All My Lovin'."

Delivering each song in her unique and unforgettable fashion, Su captures all that was great about Amy's style, attitude, quirky look, and deep raspy soulful voice, complete with beehive hairdo and tattoos.

This Amy Winehouse Tribute Show is sure to please!


Su takes her talent and adoration for the late Amy Winehouse’s contributions to the art of

music to the next level.


We now have a chance to relive a little of that magic with a special performance tribute show

to celebrate the life of the late Amy Winehouse and her music.


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“For me it’s about trying to capture Amy’s original fire”.

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